4/17/14 at Citizens Bank Park

The Phillies were hosting a businessperson’s special, and with free tickets from the Fightin Phils Fan Club, there was no way that I would pass up the opportunity to go to the game.

With a 1 PM start, gates would open at 11 AM, due to the fact that the team pushed back gate opening times for this season.

As usual, I was the first person at the gate before it was open.


I wasn’t expecting any batting practice to take place, so I was wearing my Braves gear, but when the gates were opened, I saw that the batting practice cages were set up, so I rushed to get my Phillies gear on, however, when I got to the seating bowl, I saw Braves pitchers throwing, so I frantically changed again.



At this game, I was using a new glove, which I was pretty sure had been broken in enough. When a Braves pitcher threw me a ball, it went in and out of my glove and into the moat where the foul pole is.

Jonny Venters walked by, and I told him what had happened, so he went to get me a new ball, which also fell into the gap.

The third ball wasn’t dropped, but that’s because he overthrew me by a few rows. It did roll down however, and I was finally on the board. (That’s my old glove, which I also brought to the game with me incase this happened, by the way)



The glove trick wasn’t working, because the balls kind of wedged under the railing, so an usher jumped down and handed them both to me.


So, if you think about it, if I would have caught the first ball, Venters would have never thrown the other two, and at that point, I would have only had one ball, not three.

In left field, I got one ball, a Jake Diekman tossup, which I gave away so it doesn’t count towards my totals.


Since left field was dead, I went to right field, where a Phillie hit a ball to the warning track



I called  to Mike Adams, who walked over…



…. and threw me the ball, which my old glove cleanly caught.


The Phillies only hit one home run, and the Braves didn’t even hit, but I’m not arguing because I didn’t even expect partial BP at this game.

Jesus Tiamo, and new bullpen catcher Bob Stumpo, walked out to the pen, like they normally do before a game, however, Tiamo was probably not expecting a “TIAMO 81″ name and number shirt of his waiting to be signed. He did come through, though.



He also gave me two balls, one of which was given away, so it obviously won’t count.



AJ Burnett was starting for the Phils



I was sitting in the last row of section 102, which is great, because it has this view of the bullpens.



What were they all staring at?

The scoreboard, as Ryne Sandberg was challenging a call



Although the call went in favor of the Phillies, the Braves, down 1-0 in the ninth had Craig Kimbrel throwing in the pen.IMG_1989


After Jonathan Papelbon notched the save, Eddie Perez tossed me up the ball Kimbrel was using, my last of the game.




2014- Ten baseballs caught (335 Lifetime)

5 Balls per game

2 Games

29 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez and Mason Williams, Jesus Tiamo)

Bold indicates MLB



4/1/14 at Arm and Hammer Park

Another year, another season.  On April 1st, the Trenton Thunder hosted some sort of open practice session at their stadium, starting at 3pm. At 2:45pm, when I got to the stadium, the team was already throwing, and I went down the right field foul line.


When Jeremy Bleich and his throwing partner were finishing up throwing, I asked if he could give me a baseball, and he ignored me, however, Pat Venditte thought I was talking to him, and told me he’d help me out.

Venditte’s partner overthrew him, and Venditte asked if I could get the ball, and I walked down the river walk, without finding the ball.

When Venditte’s partner overthrew him again, he had another ball with him, so he flipped me up #326 lifetime, and the first of the season.

Here it is, with Venditte in the background.


By this point, the gates were opened for 15 minutes or so, and I started heading to the stadium, when I noticed something in the river bank.  It was a baseball, which had to have been the Venditte overthrow, as BP hadn’t started and  I’d been at the stadium since before the pitchers were throwing.

It looks like it hit off of some fence, maybe the bullpen’s or play zone’s or even the gate down the line. Although most balls roll down to the river, it got lodged under a stick, and a construction worker climbed over, and handed me the ball


Here’s the diagram:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 9.28.45 PM


And the ball itself:



Once I got in, the position players, such as Rob Segedin were getting ready to take BP.


The Thunder were debuting their new Diamond Era hats and blue sleeved batting practice jersey



And shortly after this, batting practice was under way.



Zach Wilson was up, and he was hitting a few balls into left field. Although Charlie Short didn’t toss me up one of them, Wilson hit a foul ball, which I didn’t at the time see and it hit off of the fence by the bullpen, before rolling over three sections. Since everyone in attendance was waiting for autographs on the other side of the field, I was able to snap this picture,


And pick up my first batted ball of the year.


A few minutes later, Carmen Angelini hit a homer over the fence in left. No one was outside of the stadium going for balls, so I was able to leave the park, and after a minute or so of walking on the sidewalk, I saw this by the bushes.


This was my last baseball of the day.


The team was having some sort of autograph thing and I took this panorama when they were setting up.


Normally, I couldn’t be bothered with autographs, but I figured that I’d might as well stay, and I got the whole team on a ball.




2014- Four baseballs caught (329 Lifetime)

4 Balls per game

1 Game

28 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez and Mason Williams)

Opening Day 2014

With the Phillies 14-10 win over the Texas Rangers today, the MLB season is officially underway (at least for me). And tomorrow is my first game, although it really isn’t a game. I’ll be at the Trenton Thunder batting practice session.

I felt as if this is a good time to wrap up the offseason.

So, here’s what happened over the offseason.

11/29/13 at Citizens Bank Park— http://htishler.mlblogs.com/2013/12/22/112913-at-citizens-bank-park/

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2013 Season in Review: WordPress Edition— http://htishler.mlblogs.com/2013/12/31/2013-in-review-wordpress-edition/

2013 Thank-You, 2013 Edition— http://htishler.mlblogs.com/2013/12/31/thank-you-everybody-2013-edition/

2014 Goals— http://htishler.mlblogs.com/2014/01/01/2014-ballhawking-goals/

BallhawkFest 2014 Part 1— http://htishler.mlblogs.com/2014/02/28/mygameballs-ballhawkfest-71914-at-nationals-park-part-1/


New blog entry should be up Tuesday

MyGameBalls BallhawkFest, 7/19/14 at Nationals Park (Part 1)

Baseball has started. The first baseballs have been caught. Tickets are being purchased. And while scheduling your season, one date to put aside is July 19th. For the fourth time, this event will be occurring and this year, it will be at Nationals Park. The game starts at 7 PM, with gates opening at 4:30 and the Brewers are in town. After the game, the Nationals will be offering a post game concert, and myGameBalls will also have some events planned for members such as:

- The annual luncheon. We will be eating a quick, cheap lunch near the stadium. In past years, this luncheon has included door prizes such as promotional items and team apparel. At this time, shirts will be distributed as well and 2013 myGameBalls.com award winners will be presented with their prizes.

- The BallhawkFest Home Run Derby. Although some may claim that this is just a Rick Sporcic showcase (he hit 25 homers or so in last year’s event), the derby is fun for everybody. We are broken into teams and try to score as many points as possible over a seven inning span.

- The first “Ballhawk Skills Challenge”. I’m not quite sure what this is as we’ve never done it before so I’m just copying Alan Shuster’s e-mai into this “1) Ball retriever — Fastest time to retrieve 3 balls (balls placed on
ground while ballhawk stands on top of back row of bleachers)

2) Speed — 10 Cones laid out in a zig-zag pattern with a ball placed next
to each.  Ballhawk will run down each ball and place in backpack.  Fastest
time wins.

3) Toss-Ups — Ballhawk runs down a line of 5 people wearing MLB Jerseys
and must use the player’s first name and “please” to get a toss-up.
Fastest time wins.  Ballhawk can use a “cheat sheet”.  (I’m hoping to use
Ben Weil’s massive jersey collection for this)

4) Snagging flies — Most flies snagged during the BallhawkFest HR Derby
wins (we’ll have to come up with some way to avoid people jumping in front
of each other and someone getting hurt)”

So, there you have it everyone. BallhawkFest 2014: Be There! For more information, you can ask me.

If you’d like to go, email admin@mygameballs.com today. It’s free!*

If you’d like to be verified on myGameBalls, email phiballhawk@gmail.com

*Except for transportation, game ticket, lunch, optional t-shirt and a small donation (under $10) for the field for our festivities.


And finally, the Phillies have a great new rewards program, which can be found at http://phanaticalrewards.com/s/x34k2

2014 Ballhawking Goals

Happy 2014, everyone! On New Years, everybody makes resolutions so I figured I would post mine. Last year, I wrote this entry in March but, i have some stuff planned for that time so I figured New Years would be perfect. First off, I’m going to assess my goals from 2013 and see how I did.

I wanted to get 154 balls, or an average of seven in 22 games. I averaged a little over 8, but in 19 games so, I was one baseball under my goal, with 153. That’s a little disappointing.

I wanted 150 autographs, which I was convinced I could get for some reason. If you haven’t inferred this from my other entries, I DO NOT collect autographs and in fact, I try to avoid places where there will be autographs because it gets too crowded and lowers my chance to get baseballs. Needless to say, I failed at this goal miserably

I’m not quite sure how t approach this finally one. I said I wanted three commemorative baseballs, which depending on how you look at it, I did succeed in. I got 3 Mets 50th anniversary balls on September 21st, 2013. I didn’t make it clear on if they had to be different so I’m going to say, yes, I succeeded in this goal.


2014 Goals

Go to 8 stadiums- If my plan goes correctly, this should work out. I will definitely be in Philadelphia and Trenton and there is a 90% chance I’m going to Oriole Park, Nationals Park, Citi Field, Coca Cola Park, Coca Cola Field and First Energy Park

Average 8 baseballs per game- This wasn’t a challenge for me last year so I would like  to keep this average up to at least 8.

Snag 160 baseballs- I think I’ll be at 20 games next year so if the previous goal works, this one will too.

Two commemorative baseballs- I’m seeing the Cubs in Philadelphia and I’ll be in Baltimore for a few weekend so I’ll have a few chances to snag commemoratives. To clear up, they don’t have to be different stamps, just different baseballs.

15 autographs- This shouldn’t be too hard because if I happen to see a player signing, I’lll go for an autograph. I got 20 last year so I think this is fair.

Three game balls- 3rd out balls do not count, just fouls and home runs.

And with that, I leave you. Go out and enjoy 2014 everyone! Make the best of this new year.

Thank You Everybody: 2013 Edition

Before I even start, I want to thank Nick Badders for giving me this idea/template for thanking everybody who was involved in my 2013. Without you all, this year would have not been nearly as good as it turned out to be.


Todd Tim and Kellan- Thank you for everything you all did this year. From sending me shirts and autographs, to being at games, you all were great. Although your competition may have cost me a few baseballs, it’s always great to be at games with you. Hopefully we can make plans once you get back from California.

The two ballhawks from Trenton whose names I don’t know- While I was kind of invading your territory for a lot of games, thank you for a) being okay with it and b) being welcoming and trying to help me get more baseballs. Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again next year.

Alan Shuster- You aren’t a competitive ballhawk seeing that you aren’t close to any stadiums but every year, you do a great job with BallhawkFest and maintaining myGameBalls.com. It was great to work with you and hopefully we will see each other in Washington.

Mateo Fischer- I’ve only met you once, but we had a really interesting conversation when we did meet. I really hope you end up succeeding with sports management.

There are so many other ballhawks that I didn’t mention so I am going to rapid fire them all now:

Thank you Rick Sporcic, Zack Hample, Quinn Imiola, Chris Hernandez, Rick Gold, Benny and Jenny Bang Bang, Alex Kopp, Grant Edrington (who wasn’t at BallhawkFest), Jeremy Evans, Max Pinsky and if I forgot anyone, I apologize.



Jesus Tiamo- Tiamo, you’re the best! Thank you for nine baseballs in 2013! Thank you for the autograph. Thank you for being great with all of the people at games and I can’t wait until April!

Deck McGuire and Jim Murphy- I would also like to thank the two of you sooooo much. It was great that you took time out of your days to help me with my blog and I hope to see you both in the Bigs soon.

Thank you to Luis Garcia, Rich Dubee, Rafael Betancourt, Mick Billmeyer, Pat Burgess, Jake Diekman, Cole Hamels, Marcus Hanley, Kenley Jansen, Jeff Karstens, Tom Koehler, Erik Kratz, Erik Langill, Dana Lavange, Jeff Manto, Vinny Mazaro, Josh Outman, Marcel Ozuna, Humberto Quintero, Anthony Recker, Ben Revere, Euclides Rojas, Mark Salas, Joe Savery, Blake Tekkotte, Bernie, Chris Withrow, Anthony Hewitt, Shane Brown, Tyler Austin, Bill Cook, Colby Shreve, Tom Signore, Francisco Arcia, Dellin Betances, Ray Burris, Orlando Castro, Caleb Cotham, Justin Dalles, Edgar Duran, Delvi Francisco, Maikel Franco, Tony Franklin, Adonis Garcia, Steve Getz, Jose Gonzalez, Larry Greene, Jordan Guth, Ryan Hafner, Troy Hanzawa, David Herndon, Kyle Hudson, Omar Javier, Merrill Kelly, Aaron Kurcz, Mike MacDougal, Kevin Mahoney, Nick Mahrley, Brett Marshall, Heiker Meneses, Jim Miller, JR Murphy, Zac Nuding, Kate Orme, Clint Robinson, Garabez Rosa, BJ Rosenberg, Seth Rosin, Scott Shuman, Matt Springer, Casey Stevenson, John Tolisano, Christian Vazquez, Kolbrin Vitek, Brian Ward and all the trainsers, groundskeppers and workers who gave me baseballs at games in 2013.


Front Office People

Bill Cook- If you don’t know who Bill is, just know that he is a great guy. I think that anyone who knows him can attest to this. He does a great job with public relations in Trenton.

John O’Connor- Although we met in November, I’m including you here because you were a great help with Phillies tickets. Hope we can meet again soon.

Kate Orme- The only (and therefore my favorite) Australian baseball person I know, Kate of PorkCenter was really nice and even gave me a baseball. She has already celebrated New Years in Sydney, Aus but Happy New Year, Kate!

Everyone On My Blog

Thank you readers. Without you, this entry wouldn’t be happening. In fact, this blog wouldn’t exist. It is because of you all that I even made this blog in the first place. I’ve met many of you and hope I can meet some more of you in 2014.

Happy 2014 everyone!

2013 Season in review: WordPress Edition

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

2013 Season in Review: August- September

This was supposed to come out om Wednesday but here we are, ready for the final installment of Season in Review. This is probably my favorite one because of BallhawkFest and the fact that a majority of the games were MLB ones.

Speaking of BallhawkFest: Shameless plug time! It’s looking like BallhawkFest 2014 is going to be at Nationals Park (no dates or times or 100% confirmation that anything I’m saying is true, YET). We go to a game on a Saturday (probably with a 4pm start time) after a home run derby and luncheon. We will have details up in February probably. (myGameBalls.com).

August 3rd at Citizens Bank Park, myGameBalls.com presents BallhawkFest 2013. Phillies vs. Braves.

It was a 4 pm game so of course, we were parked at the stadium before 10 am. At 10, we had the Home Run Derby at FDR Park across the street from the Sports Complex. Rick Sprocic, who I’d say was the MVP looked like Josh Hamilton in the ’08 Derby the way he was crushing the ball out of the park, even coming close to hitting a civilian passing by. Since he was on my team, we got the win by a huge margin if I remember correctly. After that, we all walked back to the park and grabbed a lunch at McFadden’s, while having a raffle, at which I got a Darryl Strawberry shirsey (Thanks, T). We also distributed 2012 awards and BHF shirts. Finally, we honored Matt Hersl by signing a shirt and letter that were sent to his family. It ended at the perfect time, as we ended up just being the first people in the Ashburn Alley line. “Panic” struck after Zack Hample noticed that the cages weren’t set up so basically,  there would be 15 people going after baseballs when there won’t be enough to go around.  The Braves weren’t hitting so, the Phillies took the late time spot and with five minutes left in BP, I finally got on board, thankfully. I finished with my season low, two baseballs, but it didn’t matter because it was still a great day with a lot of friends. Oh, and Zack got a John Mayberry home run too.

Top: Todd, Kellan, Alex, Alan, Mateo, Julie, Rick S. Middle: Quinn, Rick G., Max, Jeremy, Ben Bottom: Tim, Chris, Me, Zack

Top: Todd, Kellan, Alex, Alan, Mateo, Julie, Rick S. 
Middle: Quinn, Rick G., Max, Jeremy, Ben
Bottom: Tim, Chris, Me, Zack


August 4th at Arm and Hammer Park, Trenton Thunder vs. Baseballtown’s Reading Fightin Phils/ Fightins/ Weird hotdog logo thing.

After the buzz from BallhawkFest wore off, it was back to reality the next day at Arm and Hammer Park. Well, sort of. Rick and Julie from BallhawkFest were at the game, and Rick was up to his usual (I think?) antics, this time with the Delaware River. During the game, he jumped in it to go fetch Tuffy Gosewich’s homer. But, enough about him, I was breaking records. In this game, I broke the Trenton single game record with 14 baseballs which was pretty cool as well. And no, Rick didn’t bring the “Big Glove” with him.

A huge thank you to the great Jim Murphy, who I interviewed in July. Good luck next year, if you're reading this and hopefully you'll be Ruf's backup in Philadelphia!

A huge thank you to the great Jim Murphy, who I interviewed in July. Good luck next year, if you’re reading this, and hopefully you’ll be Ruf’s backup in Philadelphia! 


August 17th at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies vs. Dodgers

Brian Wilson is one of those guys who you just love to hate. In 2010, he ended the Phillies hopes of a third straight World Series and started a whole Fear the Beard phenomenon, another example that sports love facial hair. (See 2013 Red Sox).  This was a day after Charlie Manuel got fired, which I’m still not quite sure if I think that was the right mood or not so there was negativity in the air. Luis Garcia loved the Dame la pelota por favor stuff, just like he normally does and I had to beg, albeit jokingly, Kenley Jansen to even acknowledge me. But,

Wait for it,

Wait for it,



August 22nd at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies vs Rockies.

Listen to this,

13 fans are at the gate when the stadium opens up.

None of them actually enter the seating bowl at first.

The visitors have commemoratives with them (at least according to Maddie Landis).

You run out and look at the field, the beautiful green grass, the great brown dirt on the infield…

Wait a second…

You see the grass, but no dirt, only a white tarp.

I needed five baseballs at this game because I started it at 295 and didn’t want #300 to come from Arm and Hammer Park, no offense to Eastern League fans. I knew I had to work creatively but there was no way to. Former Phillie Josh Outman started me off with a baseball and then an hour later (maybe it was a half hour, I don’t remember when the rest of the stadium opens for some reason), I got a second baseball from a player who oddly isn’t mentioned in my entry and around 6:30, I got my standard Tiamo. In the fifth or sixth inning, Erik Kratz gave me 299, which was followed by Tiamo saying something to both Kratz and I, which I didn’t hear but would imagine it was something along the lines of “You again?”. Pat Burgess threw me #300 but a kid ran in and intercepted it but an inning later, I redeemed and hit my second “multiple of 100″ milestone of the season. Without this, 300 would’ve been a Nic Turley tossup a week later.



August 29th at Arm and Hammer Park. Trenton Thunder vs. New Britain Rock Cats

This wasn’t a bad game, it just wasn’t a “Hey, let’s write 150 words about this game” kind of game. I got numerous homers, tossups and an umpire ball. The only “special” baseball was the umpire ball, as it turned out to be my final Eastern League baseball of the season. I almost got a bat knob but someone noticed it before me and therefore, got it before I did. That was disappointing, as my only game used bat was purchased, for some reason, that’s the one souvenir that’s alluded me in the last few years. 


August 31st at Coca Cola Park. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs vs. Scranton/ Wilkes Barre Railriders

Surprisingly enough, the “Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs” were the team with the shortest name, word wise at this game. I did get 11 baseballs (Fun fact that may be a trivia question for my contest possibly tonight, which I may have written in the June-July review, I have never been to a Minor League stadium that I don’t have the single game and overall record in on myGameBalls.com), however, the real highlight was getting to see former Thunder players. I wore a Thunder shirt and hat, which a lot of the players seemed to appreciate. Dellin Betances (A member of the 2011 Thunder rotation, who was 1-2 with Manny Banuelos and the two were known as the Killer B’s) didn’t even need prompt to throw me a ball and Adonis Garcia, Caleb Cotham and Caleb Cotham also obliged. 

Easter Eggs in Lehigh Valley

Easter Eggs in Lehigh Valley


September 21st at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies vs. Mets

For some reason, whenever I’m with Todd, Tim and Kellan for a September game, it gets rained out. In 2012, it happened, and this year it happened again. However, there was batting practice this time. For some reason, maybe because someone blogged about it, I went into this game expecting commemorative baseballs and I was not disappointed. The Mets had 50th anniversary baseballs, one of which I’d gotten at July 4th 2012 at Citi Field but it was worn out looking. This year they were gems, and I got three, one from Eric Langill, one from Anthony Recker (Thanks, T) and one from the now- Braves Minor League Pitching Coordinator but at the time Phillies pitching coach, Rich Dubee. Fittingly, my last baseball from my last game of the season was from the one and only, Jesus Tiamo. 

Philadelphia, I love you.


And that’s how it ends for now. 

The contest page should be updated in a few minutes.


2013 Season in Review: June- July

First off, Merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate.

June 1st at FirstEnergy Park

FirstEnergy Park is my favorite Minor League stadium. Is Lehigh Valley nicer? Probably but still, I love Lakewood. It is a great stadium ballhawking wise, with berms throughout the whole outfield, and a cross isle-y thing down both lines against the wall. So whenever I go there, batting practice on the left field berm is always great. For some reason, I only go once a year but that one time is always a success. In 2012, I left there with nine baseballs, the myGameBalls.com/minors record for the park. However, this year I would almost double that, putting on a 17 ball performance including 10 homers. The game itself didn’t produce any snags because I was going for home runs and foul balls down the line and neither of those things occurred, at least not where I was.


June 2nd at Citizens Bank Park

The first of two weekend doubleheaders concluded the next day in Philadelphia. It was one of those games where nothing goes wrong but it isn’t the best. The Brewers were incredibly stingy during their short BP, with no tossups so everything not from Jesus Tiamo (he gave me a ball when Cole Hamels was throwing a bullpen session), my only balls were from Lee Tunnell and Marcus Hanel. They were kind of cool though, because they had Sharpie streaks on the sweet spot, which I’ve never had on a ball before. The Brewers are one of the only teams to do that, I think.

A nice, summer day for baseball in Philadelphia

A nice, summer day for baseball in Philadelphia  


June 22nd at Arm and Hammer Park

Trenton Thunder- I don’t like the Yankees, but I love their stadium. It seems sad how easy Arm and Hammer is. you walk a lap around the place and find three baseballs sitting there. It would be insane if the Delaware didn’t eat up 90% of the homers in right field, I’d be at 400 baseballs now. It was pretty crowded so only 1 out of 12 baseballs was a gamer but, I got this incredibly artsy shot during BP.


June 27th at Coca Cola Park

Lehigh Valley is another one of my favorite parks in the MiLB. This was my first time I’ve ever seen the place so I had no clue what to expect. As it turns out, my image was as far off as possible. I was under the impression that the field was on ground level, not dug in so that through the gate on the outside, you could see the stadium. This wasn’t the case, but, luckily, it worked out because we got in for BP and I got 10 baseballs, as well as free tickets to a future game because there was a rain out. More on that in the next entry.



July 6th at Arm and Hammer Park

In this game, I almost out snagged my age. (I’m pretty sure I did in August but I don’t feel like looking now). This was a more enjoyable Thunder game than normal because they were playing the Reading / Baseballtown Fightin Phils, who’s hat has a smiling hot dog on it, by the way. After the game, I met a lot of players such as David Buchanan and Jessie Biddle which was the highlight for me.

Buchanan and I

Buchanan and I 

July 13th at Citizens Bank Park

This was genuinely a really nice game. I was really panicked because the gates opened a half hour late due to the fact that it was a double header. However, the Cook clan showed up and it was enjoyable. The game went to extras so we got to spend more time with them and they brought me a Jay Bruce shirt as well. I got six baseballs and I’m not quite sure how many Todd got but he might have hit double digits.



Alright kids…

That’s all for today. Next up is August- September




You only get one guess per question and is has to be in the comments. More than one person can get each question.

1) Why did I get free tickets from the game in Lehigh Valley?

2) How many baseballs did I get in Lakewood?

3) Name three players I met on July 6th.

4) What family ballhawking trio was at July 13th’s game?

5) What was on the sweet spot of the Brewers’ baseballs?

6) What “artsy” shot did I take on June 22nd?

The Philadelphia Ballhawk 2013-14 Winter Challenge Giveaway

Hi and welcome to The Philadelphia Ballhawk 2013-14 Winter Challenge Giveaway. This contest is running until the first team’s pitchers and catchers report, on February 13th.

There will be one winner, who will get a choice of items that may be stadium giveaways or something along those lines. The winner will be the person whose name gets picked out of a hat, which I’m recording so I PROMISE I WON’T RIG IT. Maybe I’ll do a live stream

I’ll be keeping track of entries on a Keynote document, which I can forward to anyone who wants to see it.

Most entries will be earned by answering questions, although there may be some where you have to retweet or share a post.

Prompts will be posted here, on Twitter (@phiballhawk), Facebook (Harrison Tishler, it is not a page you like, you have to send a friend request in order to see everything) and Instagram (@htishler).


You can only guess once per question.

And finally, try to use the hashtag #PBWCG in all posts.


As a bonus, retweet this for a free entry:

There are some questions with no correct answers

I’m only posting unanswered questions here

68) Name the Minnesota Twins left fielder that Ben Revere was called up to replace in May of 2011.

69) Which Red Sox teammates hold the franchise record for most times hitting a home run in the same game?

70) What stadium is this?

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.23.49 PM

71) Who is a member of the Phillies broadcast crew?

A) Chris Wheeler

B) Jim Jackson

C) Gary Matthews

D) Scott Graham



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