The Philadelphia Ballhawk 2013-14 Winter Challenge Giveaway

Hi and welcome to The Philadelphia Ballhawk 2013-14 Winter Challenge Giveaway. This contest is running until the first team’s pitchers and catchers report, on February 13th.

There will be one winner, who will get a choice of items that may be stadium giveaways or something along those lines. The winner will be the person whose name gets picked out of a hat, which I’m recording so I PROMISE I WON’T RIG IT. Maybe I’ll do a live stream

I’ll be keeping track of entries on a Keynote document, which I can forward to anyone who wants to see it.

Most entries will be earned by answering questions, although there may be some where you have to retweet or share a post.

Prompts will be posted here, on Twitter (@phiballhawk), Facebook (Harrison Tishler, it is not a page you like, you have to send a friend request in order to see everything) and Instagram (@htishler).


You can only guess once per question.

And finally, try to use the hashtag #PBWCG in all posts.


As a bonus, retweet this for a free entry:

There are some questions with no correct answers

I’m only posting unanswered questions here

68) Name the Minnesota Twins left fielder that Ben Revere was called up to replace in May of 2011.

69) Which Red Sox teammates hold the franchise record for most times hitting a home run in the same game?

70) What stadium is this?

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.23.49 PM

71) Who is a member of the Phillies broadcast crew?

A) Chris Wheeler

B) Jim Jackson

C) Gary Matthews

D) Scott Graham



You already incorrectly answered this yesterday. Sorry but I can’t give you the point

20. Ben Wagner and Duke McGuire as the side commenter.

Yes. You beat Quinn by 10 seconds or so

15. You

18. Marcus Foligno? I didn’t look up any of those haha

14. Ivan Nova, Lance Berkman, Tommy Phelps, Reid Gorecki, and John Van Benschoten

There was too long of a gap in between posts so I’m going to have to say no, even though I’m pretty sure you had the right answers. If you would have said continued on the first post, I would have said ok

14. (continued) Rene Rivera, Justin Christian, Joseph Corban, Brandon Laird, and Austin Romine

Is 19 OJ Simpson?

Maybe, but you only get one guess

Update- Maddie can’t answer 11 and 14
Quinn can’t answer 18 or 19
12 is fair game, as well as 21 on Instagram

And some of the answers are literally right in front of you all

11. 2.5 hours

Yes. By the way. You missed a Buffaslug one on Instagram


14. Ivan nova, lance berkman, tommy phelps, Reid gorecki, John Van Benschoten, Rene Rivera, Justin Christian, Joseph Corban, Brandon Laird, and Austin Romine.

12) Coca Cola Field for highest record and total, You have the highest record at a game for Arm and Hammer park but I don’t know if overall…

Could have researched it… Now you have lost this question. Quinn, it’s up to you

Yes, I think. I didn’t look it up though

So Maddie can’t do number 12 and Quinn can’t do 18

12a) You have the single game record for: Arm & Hammer, Coca Cola Park, and Firstenergy Stadium
12b) You have the overall record for: Arm & Hammer Park, Coca Cola Park, and First Energy Stadium

Sorry I haven’t commented. This is correct

24) Citizens Bank Park, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Fenway Park, Nationals Park, and Citi Field

Bonus: Name the other three

25) Navegantes del Magallanes, GCL Pirates, and Greenwood Pirates

One of those isn’t a MiLB team

27) You haven’t gone to a Watch With Zack Game…

Good. That was the trick question

and who else? I’l give you one more guess

(It’s on the former site of the Spectrum)

yes, Xfinity is built on the site of the Spectrum

No. Go! Go! Go! was from 2008 if I remember correctly

35) the Braves

33) D) The Comcast Network

38) D) Red, navy and powder blue

Nick beat you by a few minutes

42) jackie robinson’s number, retired in all teams, Mariano riveras number, and a movie named after it

42) continued Mo Vaughn also wore it

The “and a” after the third one and the six minute gap in between posts is going to make me have to say no

45) AT&T Park. It’s a Chevron advertisement

48) Esskay Meat Products

Which ones have not been answered?

31,40,41,42,44, 46 and 47

44: It has to do with the 2010 Philles pitching rotation. The R2 represents Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. The C2 represents Cole Hammels and Cliff Lee. 2 star pitchers in the rotation with the first name that start with R and 2 star pitchers in the rotation whose first name starts with C.

1) 42 is a 2013 American biographical sports film about Jackie Robinson.
2) The Dodgers retired Jackie Robinson’s #42 in 1972
3) The number was retired across MLB in 1997 in honor and memory of Jackie Robinson.
4) On April 15, every player on every team wears #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. It is “Jackie Robinson day”.
5) Mariano Rivera was the last active player to wear the #42. It now will only be worn in April 15th.

52. Samsung

55) B, it’s the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Shuffle

There is more than one correct answer, sorry

57: D

No. They actually do walk through the center field area to Ashburn Alley and then they walk onto the field from steps on the center field fence

No. Peace A Pizza closed in 08 I believe

55) B) “The Bryer’s Ice Cream Shuffle” AND C) “The Exxon Match Game”

Those are both correct but there are more

Believe it or not, this is a real commercial. Search Erik Kratz Turkey Bacon

Ok… Wow! Do you have updated standings?

Yeah. Do you want your point total?

Yes please. I’m also curious who is in front of me.

You have 16 points which is second behind Maddie’s 27 but it is a raffle, not based off of standings

58. B

Sorry, incorrect

63) B) Roger Deen Stadium

62) C) Sun Life Stadium

Maybe these were already answered, I don’t know:

47) Citizens Bank Park, Veterans Stadium, Coca-Cola Park

55) None of them. If any of them, it must be Exxon Match Game….I know there is a match game.

56) No to Geno’s, no to Peace A Pizza (they have Seasons Pizza), No Taskykakes….so I guess it must be Phood Stand (but, if so, we’ve never got phood there).

57) D. Certainly they have A and B. I know they love Phoebe and I’ve seen stuff celebrating her…so I got with D.

58) I have no clue what Muff is….but the Phanatic Shoe used to be on the upper concourse just to the 1B side of home plate. It’s been gone for years…so I’m going with C.

62) My guess is The Vet. I peg the Tishlers as a family who goes to baseball games because “the boy” loves baseball. The Boy was about 4 when The Vet closed its doors…so my guess is that the Tishler folks never took The Boy to The Vet.

63) This one is much harder…I really want to say D….so I will. D.

47) Technically, I was looking for Ameriquest Field but Coca Cola does have the bottle so I’ll give it to you.
55) Yes, none of them are real. There is the sunoco match game, however.
56) Yes, the Phood Stand is real.
57) No, they really walk onto the field on Opening Day.
58) Yes, the Phanatic shoe is on the upper level.
62) I’ve been to the Vet three or four times. My first MLB game was Kevin Millwood’s No Hitter in April of 2003.
63) Come on, you know I like the Orioles! Nope

And a few notes:
56) Peace A Pizza was the old stand, which closed in 2007.
58) Muff is what Gary Matthews and Chase Utley call Chris Wheeler
58) The shoe is gone? I haven’t been up in the 300s for a few years so I never noticed that.
62) I was three when the Phillies played their last game at the Vet.

67) Rangers, Brewers, and Padres

68) Jason Repko

Wait… If you go to the Twins transaction page on, then go to May of 2011, It says for May 4th:
“Minnesota Twins placed LF Jason Repko on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to May 2, 2011. right quad strain. Minnesota Twins recalled Ben Revere from Rochester Red Wings.”

I’m sorry, my answer says someone different, I’ll DM you

Well, I was told it was Delmon Young by the Phillies website and MLB said it was Jason Repko. I’m not sure which is correct so I’ll give it to you

71) D) Scott Graham

72) I have never been to which stadium?

A) Roger Deen Stadium

B) Veterans Stadium

C) New Yankee Stadium

D) Sun Life Stadium

Whoops. Didn’t mean to put all of 72 there. However, I think..
72) C

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